Saturday, August 11, 2012

Summer Days 3

Zilla is 4 years old
Mega is 2 years old

We have almost reached the half way point in our summer.  Thankfully the kids and I are still enjoying our days together.  Of course they miss Daddy time but we should be able to make up some of that in the next week.  His summer schedule is often crazy/buzy but in a totally different way than his regular schedule.

Here is some of what we've been up to:

 Mega received a doll house and a few dolls for her 2nd birthday.  She was quick to assign them names/family positions.  They are named Mama, Papa, Zilla and Mega - go figure!  It is fun to watch her play as she talks/signs the whole time.  There is no questions about what she is thinking!
The doll house set matches with the yochien set that Zilla received for Christmas last year.  This kind of play is so helpful in introducing transitions in life as well as allowing roll play to help with problem identification & solving. 

Zilla has been working hard on learning to gallop and to skip.  He knows the mental aspect (what he should do, what it should look like) but has been challenged by getting his body to make the movements smoothly.  He loves that I can do them too and is now asking me to teach him to do a cartwheel!  Too bad we don't have any grass around to practice on... 

 Our regular chores (shopping at Costco - is that a chore?) include unexpected surprises such as these kitty cats...

 Or a pony at the train station!

You know your mommy used to be a lifeguard when you are the only kids at the beach who has to wear a life jacket...

Our main summer get-away plan includes a couple of days at ocean beaches (assuming the weather agrees - no typhoons, please!).  Even though Zilla takes swim lessons he's still just 4 years old.  Mega, who loves water a bit too much, has me fearing what she might try when set free in the Pacific Ocean!  Our trip to Costco put the American PFD (personal flotation device) in my hands as at a price that couldn't be beat.  I had looked at Japanese brands but found nothing that fit my level of expectations (<-- many safety regulations here are decades behind the US & some other countries). I really want to have something that will allow my kids to enjoy playing in the ocean but also give me peace of mind so that I don't spend the whole time in hyper aware lifeguard mode.  We have a life jacket for Zilla and now we have one for Meg.  I hope they will be able to enjoy playing in the ocean and building sand castles at the beach!

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