Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Days 2

Mega is 2 yrs. old
Zilla is 4 yrs. old

We are a week into summer and I think we have found a routine that is working fo us!  I have thought a lot about it over the past month.  I wanted to have time to play as I don't get to play with Zilla as much now that he is in yochien.  I also wanted to have time for structured learning to reinforce his English and to help him find some of the answers to him millions of questions.  Originally I had hoped to do a morning of homeschool with play time in the late afternoon but once the summer heat hit none of us wanted to be outside in the afternoon anymore!

Here is one of our days from this week:
On the way to the library we discovered what the yochien bus does during summer break - it gets a check-up! 

 Since the library opens at 9AM it is easy to get there before the day gets too hot.  Zilla got his first library card!

 A park near the library has this splash area which starts at 10 AM.  We lasted about a half hour before the sun got too hot.  The bike ride home took a while as we often stopped to drink water.  Zilla is good about letting me know when he needs a break.  Normally it would be a 10-15 min ride but in the heat is lasted closer to 30 min.

We got home in time for a light lunch and nap in a cool room.  Zilla actually falls asleep some days when we lay down in a cool, darkened room.  I love that I can get a little break then too!

 After the nap time we have activity time (home school) for about 3 hours till supper at 6 PM.  3 hours may seem long but with a variety of activities set out the kids can really get into what they are doing over the course of that time... and I can cook.
Zilla has been very frustrated with his kumon numbers workbook and over the past few months has tried to give up on it a number of times.  This week something clicked - if he uses the abacus to "make" the number then he understands them!  His work time was cut dramatically and he is now enjoying it.  We had to stop using the Montessori beads and number rods because Mega couldn't resist touching them - especially when Zilla was using them!

Mega working with number magnets on the fridge.  She would put them on and take them off, all the while counting in her own way. 

At some point Zilla usually asks for a tea break.  In winter we make a hot herb tea and use the "good" china.  In summer it is instant ice tea with a pastry or some cookies.  The kids enjoy setting/clearing the table and chatting while they eat.

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