Friday, March 5, 2010

クーヨン モンテッソーリの子育て

Have you seen the new クーヨン magazine publication abotu Montessori? It's called モンテッソーリの子育て and you can find it on
クーヨン, in English crayonhouse, publishes a number of items related to raising children and even has a few family-friendly bookstores. When I have time I really hope to visit one.
Recently the monthly magazine has caught my attention but since there aren't a whole lot of pictures (I read pictures better than kanji!) I'm not ready to subscribe. The special issues though really catch my attention. This one, on the Montessori method, has enough charts and pictures to hold my interest while being a clear enough overview to interest my husband. For someone who really doesn't know much about Montessori this is agood place to start. Or, for someone like myself who knows a bit but doesn't have the right vacabulary in Japanese to explain things well this can be a great tool for introducing others to Montessori.
On a blog that I sometimes read there was a detailed post today concerning this publication. You can find it at モンテッソーリな子育て LIVE.
I see on Amazon that クーヨン has similar special issues on other early childhood methods. Perhaps I'll have to get some of those too?

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