Thursday, August 2, 2012

Summer Days 1

Mega is 2 yrs. old
Zilla is 4 yrs. old

Here are how we are spending some of our summer days...

We are working through the "What's In The Bible" DVDs.  There are some great explanations and each DVD comes with a coloring page in the case. We have worked out way through the Pentateuch and Zilla has already learned a lot!  These DVDs are not a portrayal of Bible stories but more like a variety show (aimed at kids) which teaches about the books one at a time.  A very interesting concept and great compliment to other Bible based learning!

 This is why it is important to teach practical life activities!  
When the kids spill they know how to clean it up by themselves - and do so without having to be told to do it.  Anything that makes my life easier is one of my favorite things!!!

 We have been blowing bubbles (she's using a battery powered blower here...)

 We even cleaned and set up the pool one day.  

Now that she's two I feel more comfortable using the pool at home.  She doesn't get knocked down as easily by "brother waves" as she did last year!

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