Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Father's Day Gifts

When it comes to giving gifts my kids get overly excited.  They have a very hard time waiting until an actual day to give something.  Father's Day being on a Sunday makes it tough to decide if we should celebrate early or late as Daddy is too busy on Sunday to celebrate.  So, we did the gifts early and out special time together late.

At preschool Zilla made 手伝い券(helper coupons)  for Daddy to use to ask for special help.  These have the potential to be very useful!

On the Pink and Green Mama blog I saw the idea for a shirt with a map on the back so that as the kids play dad gets a back massage.  Zilla and I had a great time drawing it while Mega napped one day.  Of course, as soon as it was done he wanted to test it on Daddy.  So, when Daddy came home 10 minutes before bedtime on Friday night we spent those 10 minutes opening his gifts because the kids couldn't wait any longer!
I think this is a gift we could make again in a few years when the kids are better at drawing.  It is such an easy and wonderful homemade gift!

Virtual Summer Camp

I just saw this page last week and have yet to really look over it but I love the idea!
Melissa and Doug's Camp Sunny Patch Official Camper A virtual summer camp organized by Melissa & Doug (one of my fav. companies!)
While our summer doesn't start for another 6 weeks I think we could use a number of these activities in the after school hours.
As I said, I love the idea of it and am looking forward to having some time to really look over the program!

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Let's Pray... And Learn...

I know, I know, I should be praying too instead of taking pictures...
(this was taken during church a few weeks ago...)

But sometimes I just want to capture the moment...
And as you can see Mega caught me capturing it!

Here is another picture from church...
Can you guess the Bible story?

This was how I taught the Sunday School about the paralyzed guy whose friends took him up on top of a house and opened a hole in the roof to lower him down to Jesus who then healed the man. The kids have no concept of Israeli architecture so I used Lego's (as all houses in Israel at Jesus time were made of Lego's... ;-) ) to help them get the idea.

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Messy Girl Eater!!!

This blog has been silent for a few weeks as I have been overwhelmed / worn out.  With Miss Mega waking up before 6 AM most days and before 5 AM on some I am running low on sleep.  Too often I fall asleep when putting the kids to bed at 8PM!!!

Part of my exhaustion is that my meal partner for 3 meals a day plus 2 snacks is at a stage where she plays/experiments with her food and drinks.  Zilla went through this phase too but it was nowhere near as bad as Mega!!!

Seriously, this girl irks me.  I know it is a phase but it is so much easier to deal with these things when there is another parent at home for at least a meal or two each day.

Sorry I don't have picture proof but I won't encourage her behavior by taking a picture.  Some times (when I'm in a good mood) it takes all I have not to laugh at her antics.  When the good mood is gone it takes just as much energy not to throw a fit myself!

I know kids grow quickly and we should enjoy every moment but there are just some phases I with we could rush through and be done with! :-)