Friday, August 17, 2012

Stencil Era

Zilla is 4 years old

A couple of weeks ago Zilla leaped into an era of loving stencils.  He found the couple that I had sitting in the art drawers and from his excitement you'd think he found gold!

One problem he quickly discovered is that stencils move when you are using them.  While you can use your hand to hold them in place, he thought that tape would work better.  However, tape would rip the paper so we settled on using blue tack / poster putty.  It worked out rather well!

After seeing he was really ready for them I pulled out the set I've been saving for this day.  It is an inexpensive one from Oriental Trading but with careful handling it works very well!

After a bit of using the stencils to create the intended designs he figured out that he can parts of various stencils combined together to make an original design.  He also discovered that markers, particularly thin ones, work better than crayons.

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