Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Washing Strawberries

We are finally starting to get back to a routine with Montessori work around here. Since moving to a new house a month ago much thought has gone into how to make this place liveable for all 4 of us. Thankfully we have a couple of months before the baby (#4 in 4 of us) is due to arrive.
This week the Little Guy has finally been able to get back into the kitchen. I found this great cutting board, strainer that fits over half of our sink. When combined with a box to stand on it makes a great kitchen work space in a kitchen that doesn't have a counter!
As you can see he has the apron on and can easily reach the water faucette.
Washing the strawberries went like this:
1. Carefully place them in the strainer.
2. Turn on the water
3. Rise the berries gently
4. Return them to the berry container
5. Eat!

I think it was a rather successful and yummy bit of work!

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