Sunday, May 30, 2010

Puzzle Time

Last week the Little Guy was recovering from a bad stomach bug. Since he was into doing things that didn't include running around we were able to have some nice, quiet puzzle time!
These were his first puzzles. I can remember him really having to think about how they matched. This time it took him about 1 minute to do them all!

He's becoming more and more aware of the alphabet and recognizing a few of the letters. This puzzle has been waiting in the closet for the past year. He can only handle one line at a time right now. It is good to see him actually have to work to solve a puzzle!

This is how I store the puzzles. They are each in a case of some kind to the pieces don't get lost when they are put in the closet drawer.
This shape puzzle was a challenge a few months ago but now it's simple as can be. The next step will probably be working on learning the names of the shapes and matching them in various activities.

This is the "too advanced" category. I got a couple of puzzles from the 100 yen shop which have great pictures and content but way too many pieces for now. The Little Guy very energetically took the puzzle apart but just couldn't muster the focus to put it together again. Maybe in another half year or so?

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