Monday, May 17, 2010


I've noticed 3 types of climbing going on recently.
The first is the climbing out of necessity - climbing on a chair to get into the fridge, climbing on a bench to reach the light switch, etc.
The 2nd is climbing to test my limits. The Littel Guy knows of to get on my nerves so when he's headed to the top of the couch I know it's because he wants attention... or to annoy me!
And the 3rd is the climbing to see if he can do it. We found a neighborhood park last week with this rather interesting climbing implement.
He asked me "what is it?" and you know what? I really wasn't sure! A tree? A spider? A stump? I appreciate that it isn't bright colored and plastic and I do think they were going to a treehouse design... but through the eyes of a 2 yr old it wasn't very clear!
As you can see it wasn't really built for toddlers but that didn't stop the little guy from giving it a go (with me spotting him). He really does enjoy having a chance to challenge hi body through climbing and balance activities!

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