Thursday, May 13, 2010

A Non-Example

Here is a non-example from earlier this week. It could also be called an example of what not to do...
The Little Guy loves poring and trasferring exercises. I'm happy to have him do them in a controlled enviroment. This however, was not so controlled.
For starters, in countries that depend on rice as a staple food using it for an activity like this can be grounds for war - or at least a household fight! Thankfully my husband is indulgent from time to time.
The tea set is within reach of the toddler so it is ok for him to use. Using it for a pouring activity doesn't work well though.
The story goes that the bored toddler was rummaging through the cupboards looking for something to do. (It's kinda fun to see what he'll come up with) He found a rice bag with about a half cup of rice left in it. The rice for some reason became his "tea" so he wanted to "drink" it. Thankfully, a tray was waiting near buy to catch the "tea" because he soon started pouring it onto the saucers and then went in search of a spoon to try and scoop it back into the cup. He really tried to scoop and pour but the flat saucers just weren't working with the spoon so he resorted to picking up the rice with his fingers and in the end created a big mess.
The activity ended when we reviewed how to sweep dry rice off the floor into the dust pan.
I'm sure there was a lesson learned in all of this - just not sure what that lesson is!!!

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