Wednesday, May 19, 2010

U-Play Mat

Have you ever heard of the U-Play Mat? There is a set of mat, cards and other goodies in the Signing Time Academy Store right now. When I saw it I knew that we could make good use of it!
Here is one activity that the Little Guy enjoys. We place cards in the pockets (this is the U-Play play set) and then he looks for objects that we have to match each of the cards.
Another favorite activity is matching the cards. Each U-Play set comes with doubles of the cards specifically for this purpose. There is even a booklet that comes with the set which outlines 10 activities to do.
We changed it up a bit by having the card "reader" sign what is in the picture on the card. The other person then points to the object that was signed. If the correct card was chose then the signed card is placed on top of the card in the mat pocket.
Another activity I'd like to try is putting alphabet cards in the pockets and then having the Little guy match letters (upper case/lower case) or letter sounds.

There are so many possibilities!!!!
The clear pockets on the mat are just the right size for the Signing Time and Baby Signing Time flashcards. I can see this mat coming in handy with a class of crawling babies as a way to keep the flashcards for going into their mouths!
Here is the post abotu it over at the Signing Way Blog.

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