Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Shape Matching

One of the fun parts of moving is rediscovering old activities. Here is one that we picked up last summer when the Little Guy was too little to really enjoy it. I knew that some day he would understand what to do and it seems that the day has come!
This is the 3D Feel and Find from Guide Craft. エド・インターに似ているの物あります。
The set comes with durable, wooden pieces which each have a matching plate with a cut-out of the shape.
Here you can see the Little Guy reaching into the bag to take out a piece.
He then matches the piece to the plate on the table. To add a little more challenge we then worked together to separate the pieces into living and non-living categories. In the Little Guys's mind it was "shapes" and "zoo things" since you can see animals, trees and people at the zoo.
When he finished sorting the stacking blocks came out. Hmm... what's up?
Aparently after sorting the shapes they needed to disappear! In my mind that would include putting them bag in the bag and into the closet. In his mind that meant covering them up!

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