Sunday, November 24, 2013

Beady Boy

Zilla is 6 years Old

This week Meg's was sick a couple of days. When Zilla came home fr school to find her napping the the first thing pout of is mouth was "Csn I do beads?"

He has been a fan of the beads (that fuze together when ironed) for the past couple of years. While they are not out all the te as an activity choice, they are stored on a shelf he can see. This is one activity he really prefers to do alone so he gets very annoyed when Mega wants to "help". 
I am often surprised by how much he grows from season to season but this time with the beads it felt like a leap to a whole new level. The person, Christmas Tree and rainbow all came together withou adult help or a design to follow. This afternoon he even managed to correctly iron/fuze his own creation. We are impressed. I think he is even impressed with himself! :-)

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