Thursday, November 7, 2013

TED Talks - Lessons for Parents

For those who are keeping track we are still jet lagging around here - hence the 3 AM/4 AM posts :-)

One of my favorite things to do with "extra" time is to watch a TED Talk or two.  It is important for parents to continue learning especially as their kids grow.  A quick/easy way for me is to have a TED Talk on while doing housework.  Here is the one I just watched this morning after seeing it on a friend's blog. (Thanks Jo!)

I love the idea of "granny cloud" and having kids work in groups with computers rather than on their own.  We see the power of "granny cloud" every week when my kids talk with their grandparents via iChat.  There is something special about grandparents! I'm now looking forward to when my kids are a little older and can handle the computer a bit better so I can give them some mystery questions!

Here is another talk that I enjoy - Patricia Kuhl: The linguistic genius of babies

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