Thursday, November 21, 2013

Hisashiburi Sushi!

When you have small kids there are some things which are just not worth the effort to do them. For us one of those things is going out to eat. Many styles of food in Japan are not child friendly. Ramen is too hot, yaki niku has grills with hot coals and raw meat on the table, and the rotating sushi places have raw fish passing by on a conveyer belt within easy reach of a child.
 Every once in a while we try one of these places to see if the kids can manage to eat like little adults without turning the meal into a test of our patience. 
Recently we tried going out for sushi. It has been a while but the kids are still not at the point where we can relax and enjoy the meal.
At this place you order what you want on the touch screen as well as pick up dishes that look good when they make their rounds. The thing I love about these places is that there are enough things other than fish on the menu for me to eat. Emo and Zilla love that they can order all their favorites. Mega likes watching everything go by.
One of the interesting points about this kind of place is that you pay per plate. The 4 of us ate 35 plates... Zilla, Emo and I each ate about 10 plates. It won't be long before this kind of place becomes too expensive to go to as a family!
~ Houdini

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