Friday, January 3, 2014

Winter Break Activities

Zilla is on winter break and Mega is so glad to have him around!
I've learned that the key to a pleasant time off of school is to be prepared. Busy kids are less likely to go looking for trouble or pick fights with each other.
Our winter schedule is very busy with activities which keep us near home but as parents not aways avalible to focus on the kids. There are many things to consider in balancing life so we've learned to do what we can to make holidays special for the kids in a way they appreciate.
Here are some of the things the kids have been enjoying:
In preparation for the season I finally found time for the chalkboard paint project I've had in mind for a while. It makes use of an otherwise dea space in the house and give the kids a place to draw freely or practice writing. When you live in a small place like we do these spaces can also be sanity savers when you want to have a little time alone.
Legos are a key to many of our activities. From building cars to castles the open ended play makes them a favorite!
Plane + Park = Fun
Knitting - Zilla has been working on a knitting project at school where the kids use a cut off soda bottle with chopstick pieces taped on to make a sort of loom. For Chrstmas he asked for knitting needles so he has been working on learning how to knit the "real" way.
Magformers and oversized coloring books provide a great change of pace in play.
And, to top off a day a bit of play dough time is always welcome!

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