Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Homework Time

Zilla is 6 years old
Mega is 3 years old

As we enter the 2nd half of the school year one of my "jobs" is preparing Zilla for 1st grade.  The school has been chosen, he is officially accepted and the uniform is ordered.  We are budgeting for the upcoming expenses (school supplies, commuter train ticket etc.) and thinking about how our life will change with getting up earlier and making a bento lunch every day.
One thing I am trying to do to help make the transition easier is to have a daily "homework time" after school/before supper.  Miss Mega does not like to be left out of anything so she is also spending some time doing homework each day.
Right now we are using mostly Kumon workbooks.  Each day Zilla has a page each of English, hiragana, math, clock, cut & paste and maze. Mega has two pages each of cut & paste, writing basics and coloring.

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