Sunday, June 6, 2010

Travel Prep

As the summer gets underway in the US, and we start thinking about what to do in 2 months when it arrives in Japan, a common topic becomes what to do when traveling with small kids. One yahoo group that I'm a part of, Married in Japan, has the same topic come up every year. What do you do with small kids on long flights?

Here is what I did last year: Plane Entertainment: Toddler Style

This year we don't have plans to go overseas but with baby #2 on the way we'll be spending a lot of time on the train going to/from doctor appointments, etc. My hope is to prepare some file folder activities. I need to get a laminaator first though...

A friend of mine posted a little while back about the file folder activities that she prepared for her 2 yr old. You can take a look at her blog post here.

Happy travels!

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