Friday, June 18, 2010

More Puzzles

My little helper was at it again... I opened the closet door to find something and he dove right in to find a thing or two himself!
When we went to the US last summer I picked up the Infantino Matching Colors and Textures Puzzle. At 18 months old it was a great activity when used by category (color, texture, etc.) but what a difference a year makes! Now the Little Guy can take on the whole pile of pieces at one time!
The other big change is that last summer he used signs to tell me what most of the pictures were but now he does the puzzle with a running dialogue complete with his own ideas of what various things are/could be.

We also have the Where's my Tail puzzle. Again, it was a challenge at 18 months and it is easy now at 2.5 years old. I really love the Infantio puzzles and if we were headed to the US again this year I would pick up a few more. They are durable, age appropriate and have great artwork!

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