Friday, June 11, 2010

New Shelves

The Little Guy took a long nap today and I had a short one which meant I had time to get some cleaning and organizing done without his assistance.
This is a color matching activity that has been waiting to be assembled. These are little clothes pins from the 100 yen shop ($1 store) with flowers of various colors on the end.
The activity is set up with 1 clothes pin of each color on a piece or cardboard and the corresponding color in a little cup. The goal is to place matching clothes pin on the other end of the cardboard.
The matching part was easy but the little guy had to think a bit about how to get the flowers to face the same direction. He decided at one point that they look better on the white side of the cardboard so he had to change them all to match!
During the long nap I was able to finally get our shelves set up. It only took 2 months since we moved... but hey, it is ready now, right?
The work shelves are in the kitchen/dining area. The art supplies will also go someplace near by. Today while we were making supper the Little guy happily worked on his things. He also did one activity after eating before heading off to the other room for some free play.
I think this new arrangement will work well!

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