Tuesday, June 22, 2010

ABC Recognition and Matching

Here is an activity that the Little Guy initiated and I've taken a step further to formalize.
He saw the ABC play mat and wanted to do something with it. I suggested we find the ABC magnets since they were both ABC things and he took it from there!
The place mat went to his little table in the kitchen where he promptly began matching the magnets to the letters on the place mat.
He noticed a few things that I hadn't really thought about. Did you know that small "z" turned on it's side matches the big "N"? Or how confusing the small "d" and small "p" can be?
After the Little Guy went to bed I got down to work. Matching on the place mat inspired me to create a sheet to match with the size and shape of the magnetic letters that we have.
After writing it all out in pencil I went back with a pen and then erased the pencil lines. Each step was also scanned into the computer so in the future all I'll have to do is print off the sheet.
The set of ABC magnets that we use for "work" has the consonants in blue and vowels in red. This is originally a Montessori idea to help kids learn about the two different kinds of letters and how they work differently. While the Little Guy isn't focusing on that yet it doesn't hurt to start out using the set.
Here's the new and improved activity. It was much easier because the letters in the bowl actually match the font used for the ones on the mat/page.

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