Saturday, June 19, 2010

Preparing to be a Brother

One of my jobs for this summer - and perhaps the most important one - is helping the Little Guy grasp what it is to be a big brother.
He loves babies in my Baby Signing Time Classes and looks forward to playing with them each week. He also is very in tune to what we do at the regular doctor visits. Having an ultrasound at every visit (Japanese standard of care) helps him to see how the baby grows. He's likes to listen to the heart beat and see the baby's growth chart. Of course the 3-D pictures of the face always help too!
At home he has always paid great attention to his "babies" carrying them in a sling, feeding, rocking, and inviting them to play.
This has all been topped off with a selection of books that talk about babies which we read regularly, by his request. Here are some of our favorites:
Baby Blessings Series - These 3 are from the same author Alice Joyce Davidson:
- God Bless : Baby's First Family Photo Album

I'm a Big Brother - same book, different edition

I'm really not worried about the Little Guy liking the baby. He already tries to play with her a few times a day. They do sumo, poke each other and give hugs. My concern is more about who gets to be "in charge" after she is born.
In my mind I'll be the main caretaker so feeding, rocking, diaper changes will fall on my shoulders. I get the feeling though that the Little Guy is thinking of the baby as "his" so we might have a difference of opinion over the daily care!
Either way we are headed for the start of another fun adventure!

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