Monday, September 14, 2009

Signs at a Glance

This is the Signs at a Glance chart made and sold by Baby Signs. It lives on our fridge.
It came in the Baby SIgns started set that we got when the little guy was born. It has come in handy many times!
The words/signs that are included focus on what a toddler will probably want to share the most. Recently the little guy has even started going to it when he isn't sure about a sign!
The pictures are in the same style as the rest of the Baby Signs program so they're pretty easy to understand.

While on the topic of useful signing things to decorate your fridge...
Here is a flyer with important vocabulary for cold and flu season!
Of course if you want these signs to be useful if/when your child gets sick you'll need to start using them ahead of time. I've used them while reading a book where one of the characters is sick or when seeing a hospital or doctor on TV. Talking about potential situations like a visit to the doctor can help your little one to be less afraid when it does happen!

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