Wednesday, September 30, 2009

Milk Carton Bento Boxes

Another great idea inspired by Family Fun magazine.
I used 1 liter milk and juice cartons but any size would work.
The original idea is to cut off the top and then shape the sides into flaps. The flaps can be folded down to close the box. I use a rubber band then to secure it shut.
These boxes are great for holding food for picnics or messy things that are hard to clean up. They can also work as portion control for edamame, popcorn and other foods that are generally prepared in large quantities.
While cutting up a new set of boxes the little guy laid claim to some of them. He thinks they make great garages and tunnels for his cars.
We also discovered that they work well as marker holders while coloring!

There are so many great ways to reuse things like cartons!

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