Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Eating Out Bag

I have developed a bit of an interest in what everyone carries in their diaper bag. It's one way to get an insight into the life of the family. Here are the things I keep for when we go out to eat. This is for storing powdered formula or other powder. We don't use it much now but it was a very useful item![DSCN9435]
Here is the Bento Bag. While it doesn't have room for his lunch it does include the pieces he needs for a eating a lunch out.

From the top left there is the seat strap thingy for helping baby sit on a regular chair. Next is a baggie with paper towels, a pack of wet wipes and a spout with handle that fits on top of soda/tea/water bottles. The green thing is a spoon in a travel case, there's a disposable bib and a nifty holder for juice/milk boxes. I love the box holder thing since it prevents the little guy from squeezing his drink all over himself!
Last but not least is a pack of cookies. I try to keep a small snack on hand at all times.
Honestly this bag stays packed most of the time so I can grab it and go when the whim hits!

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