Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Adapting to the Child

I've used milk and juice cartons to make a step for the sink. They can also be turned into stools for little kids to sit on and even a "stove" for him to cook on. The stove is a picture of our stove printed out from the computer and taped to the top of a box.
Allowing the little guy to reach the sink really wasn't to he could play... it was so he could put his dishes in the sink after eating and reach the water to wash his hands (eventually) by himself.
Since reaching the sink includes reaching the counter we've hd to be a lot more careful about what we leave out. Being able to see what we are doing on the counter though has helped to satisfy some of his curiosity about what goes on "up there".

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adelantegirl said...

I LOVE this but you can hardly find milk cartons here. Most everything is gallons. I'm looking for a good stool though...because this is exactly what we need!