Saturday, January 4, 2014

Kids Work Space

A few people have asked recently about the space we have for the kids  to work at/in. Here is what the main area looks like. This is in the kitchen, in a nook sort of space.
The key element here is having a good table and chairs. This table has a 65cmx65cm top. It is a good size for two young kids to use for projects. The table is about 55cm high and the seats of the chairs are at 30cm.  Even if you have only one child I highly recommend having at least 2 chairs so that you can sit with a child to work together.  
Recently we had some friends over and 4 preschoolers were able to comfortable eat a meal at the table. Instead of buying additional chairs 2 of the kids sat on milk carton boxes. It worked out very well!
Next to the table is the shelf where we keep a variety of art and homeschool items.  The easel in the back is portable so we take it outside for painting. Inside we use the white board regularly.  Up along the walls are a number of cups which contain supplies which require supervision when used. With a toddler in the house it is great to have them visible but out of reach.

Art clipped to a curtain with clothespins - a great way to brighten up plain curtains and display recent projects.

Hooks up high work great for displaying the latest art while keeping it safe from curious little hands.

This has a bit of a close-up of the shelves. The drawer set in the middle holds craft paper, origami paper, stencils, crayons and each child's personal pencils, erasers etc.
Each child also has a set of file drawers into which worksheets go for homeschool time.
The other things on the shelves include coloring books, notepads, kids magazines and various activity books.

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