Friday, January 10, 2014

Busy Hands

Lesson: When the kids are busy doing something productive mom's life is a little easier.
At 3 and 6 both Zilla and Mega are experiencing a time of wanting to do handy work. As long as I can keep them supplied with activities it is pretty quiet around the house!
Mega has recently been interested in not just playing with the dollhouse but also with roll playing whole days including picking kids up on the bus for for yochien/preschool and visiting the doctor. She is also working on knots - how to tie and untie them.
Zilla loves making things and has been asking to sew petty much daily since visiting grandma (and her sewing machine!) in summer. In recent cleaning some of the plastic forms surfaced so Zilla is very pleased!
Another activity which keeps their little hands busy is the Busytown Seek & Play puzzle. We love that after you put the puzzle together there are cards that you can take turns reading to ask a question to the other players. All the answers are on the puzzle and often the closer you look the more answers you'll find!
Thanks to the recent era of busy hands and engaged minds my days have been on the peaceful side! Lesson learned! (For now...)

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