Thursday, March 27, 2014

Spontaneous Cleaning

Lesson: Not every time kids become quiet means they are making trouble

This afternoon I was trying to get some work done on the computer when I noticed I could barely hear the kids. After a few minutes there was a racket on the stairs and I heard a comment about the vacuum. A bit later the kids came to get me saying they had a surprise to show me.
We have just one room upstairs - the family bedroom. The room also holds many of the toys I use for teaching. As I was climbing up I was wondering how bad the mess would be.... The kids asked me to close my eyes and lead me into the room. When I opened my eyes I was surprised!
The kids had made all the beds, even the top bunk, straightened up the books, put things away and even vacuumed the floor. This is the kind or surprise I like :-)
They were so proud of themselves... especially because they were able to work together to surprise me.
While I'm sure this won't become a daily activity I have to admit that sometimes when the kids get quiet a good thing can come of it!

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Dad said...

You have two wonderful kids.