Friday, March 7, 2014

First Star Wars

Lesson: Much to learn from Star Wars there is.
Most Friday nights the kids and I have a quiet evening at home. We often make something we enjoy eating and take turns choosing something to watch together. This week Emo was able to rearrange his schedule in order to be home in time for supper - a rare treat!
Since it is our dinner and movie night... And Pizza Hut had 2 medium pizzas for $30 (nearly 1/2 price!) we made it a special pizza & movie night. With veggie sticks, snacks and drinks at the ready we anxiously waited for Emo, and the pizza, to arrive.
This evening's special feature was Star Wars Episode 1 Phantom Menace. The kids have been aware of Star Wars but have never seen it. For Emo's 40th birthday he received a set of the movies (1 - 6) so we are going to enjoy them as a family.
Here are a few tidbits from during the movie:
- Zilla was asking about the meaning of a number or larger words. They are words he's heard but he needed to understand the meaning of to fully follow the story. It was great vocabulary building! However, at one point when he was asking for one definition after another he asked "What does... Dog... mean?" I replied with "What???" When he realized what he said he had a great laugh over that goof!
- The music in Star Wars is in tune with the events of the story. It seems that the main characters and locations each have their own little melody/sound. The music also let's you know if the good guys are ahead or the bad guys.
- There are many theological/Biblical parallels which could be pointed out. Zilla started picking up on them about half way through the movie.
- I realized that our family is Star Wars style multilinguals. There are many times when characters speak with each other, each using their own language. Think of R-2 D-2 and C3PO speaking together... They have a conversation using two languages at the same time but don't need a translator. The same thing happens with Jabba the Hutt. There are also times where two characters speaking together switch between languages in the course of a conversation. This is very much what conversations sound like at our house.
- Watching a movie with a 3 yr. old is not relaxing. While Mega does sit still at times, twice she managed to spill her drink and more often than not she was moving around and talking a bit too loud. We knew it would most likely be that way... but it was still annoying!
- Star Wars is pretty funny. While I don't think it would count as a comedy there were quite a few times when the kids were laughing out loud. That is totally different from watching the movie with other adults.
- Mega kept asking about what happenes to Anakin's mom. I had to admit that I never really thought about it before and quickly google the answer :-)
I don't know when we'll find/make time to see the next movie...
But I do know...
Movie with family, fun it is.

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