Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Questions About Colors

Mega is 3 years old
Zilla is 6 years old

Lesson: TED ED and Google are great teachers!

We are in the midst of Spring Break and Zilla is full of questions! While I think that is a a great thing, he doesn't like it when I don't have a "good enough" answer.  Recently I've been answering more and more with "I'll Google it."
A question about color lead us on a journey so learn more. As we were walking home from the grocery store a couple of days ago we got onto the topic of how little kids can be hard to see when driving a car of riding a bike.  I said something about wearing bright colors so Zilla asked the obvious question - What is the easiest color to spot? We figured red was easy to notice and I heard once that human eyes are drawn to green... and this lead to a conversation about which colors to mix to make green followed by Mega wanted to know what to mix to make black and white.  My understanding of white is that is an absence of color but trying to get that into a way a 3 year old can understand did not go smoothly. The conversation about what makes colors lead to one about how we see colors and how colors work.  That is when my kid-friendly explanations ran out.  I told Zilla we would google it when we get home.

Here are some interesting links we found:

How we see color - Colm Kelleher

Optometry : How Does the Eye See Color?

The Wonderful World Of Colour

Is Your Red The Same as My Red?

As a part of our spring break activities I was already planning to have some quality outdoor painting time.  After our lessons in colours it seemed to be the perfect time!

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