Friday, July 20, 2012

Space Study

With the eclipse a little while back we have had a chance to study a bit about space.  I have many activities we haven't finished yet as Mega is not the best helper when it comes to art projects. (There is a "waiting list" of things to do while she naps)  
However, here is one thing we have been able to do!
The figures are from the Space Toob. I've become a huge fan of the toob series of figurines!  

Zilla's job here is to match the space toob figures to the pictures in a set of flashcards.  The cards are from a dollar store (I think?) but I'm sure there are many similar sets around.

 It is amazing to me how easy it was for him to match things up and how much fun he had learning from the descriptions on the backs of the cards.  He still doesn't really understand sending a dog and a monkey into space, all alone.

Of course no study would be complete without a bunch of books to help the topic come alive and spark the imagination!

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