Friday, July 6, 2012

Pool Boy

Kids around us are super busy with many different clubs, classes and activities.  Comparatively we live a rather tame life.  Zilla's one "extra curricular" activity over the past year has been swimming lessons at a local pool.  To me, swimming lessons are great for many reasons but the most important is learning the life skill of swimming.
It is expensive (in my view of money...) to take swim lessons here and there are many times where Zilla has tried to talk me out of going... and it is a half hour walk to the pool each way - which we don't mind usually but when it is hot/cold/rainy/snowy we find it to be bothersome.
Anyway, as we are busy during the next few months we're taking an official absence from the pool.  In the past 14 months Zilla has gained much confidence and skill but at the same time he still hasn't learned to shut his mouth when he's in the water! :-) (<-- like me...)

Zilla is the kid in the dark blue swim cap

Here is a jumping in exercise that has taken him a while to get comfortable doing

The pool Zilla goes to doesn't have an open swim or family swim time so I'm hoping over the summer break we can find some pools to go to as a family.  Mega is a real trooper every week coming along to watch her brother swim and I know she'd love to get into the water with him!

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