Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Gift Wrapping - Cloth Bags

When Zilla was born one of the gifts we received was wrapped in a homemade cloth bag. That bag inspired me to make more bags for our family gifts.  It has always seemed wasteful to have piles of wrapping paper left over after a birthday or Christmas.  Here are a few of the bags we currently use:
The blue own on the bottom left was the original inspiration.  The green one up top a pocket to put a CD in, with a flap which folds over the top and is held down my a ribbon across the front.  In the back is a big blue bag made to hold most any toy.  The white one on the right is actually store bought.  Using cloth bags does not mean you have to make them all yourself!
Some day when I have time/space to sew I'd love to make a basic gift bag set for each member of our family.  For example, Zilla would have green and blue bags of various materials and designs.  This would simplify wrapping!

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