Wednesday, October 12, 2011

A Few Favorite Toys

As we move toward the end of the year I know many parents are trying to figure out what to do about Christmas gifts.  It can be tough to know what will be played with for more than a day or two!  Here are some of hte current favorites in our house:
 A wooden train set from Ikea.  I've discovered that trains from some other sets also fit on  the tracks so rather than buying a whole new set I'll give an engine or similar car as a new gift.  Both Zilla and Mega love to play with the trains almost every day!

 We originally got this planning to take it on vacation this summer but the kids love it too much so they often start fighting over it.  This is a car ramp play set which folds up into a briefcase size and can store about 20 little cars.  It seems like we keep gaining cars so I have only bought a few.  Again, both Mega and Zilla love this.  Mega enjoys seeing the cars go down the ramp and Zilla likes making them go up on the elevator.

The marble tower... I bought this last year for Zilla mainly because I wanted one.  We had a set when I was a kid so it is partially so I can relive my childhood! ;-)
For Zilla's birthday he received an expansion set to go with the original set.  Sure, you save money and space that way, but the kids love it.  It is like getting a whole new set.  Mega is still little so we have to keep careful track of the marbles - they each get two, and in different colors - so that I can tell at a glance if a marble is missing.

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