Saturday, July 2, 2011

Signing at 11 Months...

I can't believe she's already so old...
This is a post from my Signing Way blog which I want to share here too.  I hope it will inspire others to try signing with their little ones.  It makes our lives so much easier!

Today I had the chance to catch some of Miss Mega's signing. She has started to consistently sign to communicate. So far she uses:
☆wash hands手荒い☆brush teeth歯磨き☆all done終わり☆moreもっと☆dogいぬ☆ballボール☆point指差し☆bye-bye☆water水☆eat食べる☆crackerせんべい☆bananaバナナ☆night-nightねね☆babyベビー☆

The following are 3 short video clips which show how she is signing.
With daddy:

Signing Ball:

Signing at Home...

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