Sunday, July 31, 2011

Dress-up Box

Zilla is 3 years old
Miss Mega is 11 months old

A couple of weeks ago Miss Mega came across some old head scarves while I was cleaning.  She took to them right away and started signing "hat".  About the same time Zilla got a new pair of shoes so "shoe" was her next sign.  She signs it so fast though that I have yet to catch it on video.
This in the kitchen.  I put magnets on the back of a plastic mirror and stuck it on the fridge at Miss Mega's height.  This way she can see what she looks like with the hat on.

 A couple of days later we got out the dress-up box from the closet.  It is filled with old items from our closet which the kids can use for play.  Most of the hats in the box come from Ikea.
Miss Mega the Native American Princess doctor 

Miss Mega the lost Viking Queen 

Here is our dress-up box.  I have about 14 boxes this size in the closet.  About half of them have labels so far.  The label is an index card with the name of the items which go in the box as well as a drawing or stickers showing what goes in the box.  This allows everyone to know where things go as well as promotes reading... and helps to keep the closet clean!

This boy is busy!  He has races to run, traffic to direct and shopping to do. 

With a plastic mirror set up on the toddler table we have the perfect space for all the costume changes.  It was so nice to see these two playing peacefully side-by-side!

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