Wednesday, July 13, 2011

First Abacus

Since turning 3 Zilla has been very interested in numbers.  He counts most anything in every language he knows.  I came across this abacus from Gakken a while back but have hesitated to put it out for him.  To be honest I really don't know how to use the thing.  EEKS!  The guide is all in Japanese so I am only getting the gist of what it says but so far Zilla doesn't seem to notice.  
Behind the beads are a few cards which can be changed for various activities.  In this picture he is doing an adding exercise.  There is also a set of flashcards for practicing counting. 
I never really learned how to use an abacus properly so I'm looking forward to looking up things online when I have some time.  It will be interesting to learn a new thing along with Zilla for a change!

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Dad said...

Don't blame your teacher. He doesn't know how to use one either. Get the kid an i-phone which probably has a calculator built in.