Sunday, May 1, 2011

Screamer to Swimmer

We signed the Zilla (Little Guy) up for a 2-day swimming class last week.  He was "that kid". The one who didn't want to go into the building, started screaming when it was time to get ready, fought the teacher when he was carried off to the pool, didn't want to participate in the lesson (but did stop crying after the first 15 min) and would only do things that he wanted, if the teacher was holding him.  
However, at the end when he came to me he gave his sister a big kiss, told me he had fun and asked to go back to the pool.  WHAT THE HECK!!!! Oh, and he said he was mad because the teacher wouldn't listen to him.  
Anyway, I must enjoy torture because we are still took him to class the next morning.  I feel so bad for the teacher though.  I always dreaded teaching new class of 3 yr olds because there is always one of "those kids" in the group... and I promised myself years ago that my kids wouldn't be like that.
Zilla refused to go for a ride so the teacher had to carry him.

At the very end the teacher finally was able to take him for a turn in the water.

One thing I know very well is that Zilla needs time to warm up to new things.  He will sit back and observe a situation before joining in.  However, once he does join in you have to watch out because he will go at it full force once he's decided to do something!
Day 2 - jumping right in
Not only willing to go for a little boat ride, he's now trying to be the captian

Finally, the smiles I knew would come...
And the open mouth taking in water all the time!  (hmm, I have the same problem...)

The lifeguard and swim teacher were both a bit impressed by the turn-around which was made in just two lessons.  Before the 1st lesson we actually took some time to visit the pool, watch what was going on from the observation area and talk about the lessons.  All of this helped, I'm sure.  However, Zilla's objection was that I would not be swimming too. It wasn't that he couldn't leave me but more that he wanted me not to miss out.  I appreciate the consideration!

At the end of the 2nd class another group was using a little slide to enter the water.  Zilla went and lined right up with the class.  From what the parents were saying it sounds like kids int he very beginner class usually don't use the slide.  Obviously there is no fear of the water here! 

Since we ended on such a good note we signed Zilla up for 2 more lessons next week, during the vacation.  Hopefully those will go as well as the last one!

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