Saturday, May 14, 2011

5 Fav ママバッグのお出かけ物 Diaper/Mother's Bag Items

One thing I remember being frustrated by when preparing to have my first baby was trying to figure out what we need and how to get the things we need without spending extra money and using up space in our home.  Lists like this on other blogs really helped me to figure out what would work for us. So, without further ado, here are 5 favorite things I keep in the diaper bag for when we go out:

☆ The MagMag cup I posted about a couple of years ago is still a favorite in our house.  It is great to have one basic set that will be usable for the first few years.  Also, if you live in Japan it is easy to get replacement parts.  We're on the 4th year and 2nd baby using the set and I expect that it will continue to be used daily for the next few years.
☆ The teether/feeder is a favorite thing for eating at home as well as eating out. It allows baby to chew on food without having to worry about big pieces being a choking habit.  Putting something cool inside to much on can also be soothing for sore gums while teething.
This brand in particular is easy to find replacement nets for in our area.  I try to keep about 3 on hand so they can dry properly between uses.  One thing to keep in mind is that bananas and some other foods may stain the nets. 
When you go out to eat it can be tough to find things for babies/toddlers to eat. With this you can not only share your food but also give baby the freedom to feed him/her self.
Here is an apple slice "before" and "after" shot.  A soft apple can easily be turned to pulp!  The first time I gave Zilla strawberries in this thing he sucked out all the pieces - including the pulp!

Knot-a-Bag is on just about every list I make of baby goods. I never intentionally leave home without it.  With the way it is designed you can make control how big you make the bag - a huge help when dealing with messy clean-ups! 
☆ Snack Trap スナックトラップ is a container for holding snacks. We have one right now but with Mega eating solid foods we'll be getting one for her soon too.  There is also an accessory pack which has a spill proof lid for when you m\put the snacks away.  Not only great for travel, using one at home can help keep down the mess snacks can make.
☆ Solby Baby Chair Belt ベビーチェアベルト A seat "belt" to use on a chair when you don't have a high chair.
This is a must-have which is usually in our diaper bag. Even though many places have high chairs for little kids, I've found that often these chairs come without a belt. My little one squirms too much to sit on her own without a belt to prevent falling. With this belt even a regular chair can also be used as a chair for baby.

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Lulu said...

Oh I like your "belt" have never been real happy with ours so might have to invest in another one.

Love our snack trap and we use magmag cup as well! So far haven`t found a better cup (at least not a better straw cup)

In my bag- wet wipes, toy cars, tissues and a ton more- two kids makes for more stuff that is for sure! Spare bibs for my older! He is a drooler! Have just put together an activity bag for my almost 17 month old as well since we are searching for a house maker at the moment and have lots of meetings so he now has his own backpack with activities (stickers, colouring, magnet game, etch-a-sketch), toy cars, stacking cups and books plus a pocket for extra tissues, wipes, bibs and luckily there is still room for snacks and his drink!