Sunday, May 22, 2011

Book Series - Fav. 5

If there is one thing we have a lot of at our house it is books.  Even with the large number I tend to come back to the same basic series when looking for something to add to our collection.  As I'm always on the lookout for more great books, what are your favorites?  Here are the 5 favorite series at our home right now...

Berenstain Bears - I love them all and own most.  Zilla is getting into the Bear family and really likes that he is a big brother, like Brother Bear.  For Easter the kids got Brother Bear and Sister Bear tote bags for going to church on Sundays.  I love the new Zonderkidz church-related books as they have helped Zilla to understand God and church better.  My wish at the moment though is to get my hands on The Berenstain Bears' Big Book of Science and Nature as I think it could help in answering some of Zilla's zillions of questions!

The Beginner's Bible - We have books from this series in Japanese, German and English.  The favorite by far at our house though is the Japanese/English バイリンガルこどもバイブル edition.  One of the points which I really like is that the characters are consistent in the appearance.  Peter, for example, is dressed the same in all of the books that we have.  This style of illustration makes it easier for a pre-literate person to know who is being talked about in the story.  Some day I hope to have the whole flannel graph set to use in Sunday School.

Classic Books With Holes - I came across this series by chance a couple of years ago.  The books/songs include many which I enjoyed as a child.  The clever use of the holes in the book is very intriguing to young readers.  Down by the Station followed closely by Dry Bones win the popularity contest at our home.

Bright & Early Books - This is not so much a planned series as it is a collection of similar books by like-minded authors.  Many of Dr. Seuss's books are included here.  We have yet to find a Bright & Early book which can be read just once.

God Counts Series - We have all of these and I really hope they come out with more.  You can't really tell from the pictures but each page has a plastic piece embedded in the picture with a corresponding window on the opposite page.  This week Jesus and the 12 Dudes Who Did is the go-to book.  Zilla has been counting and recounting the disciples as he turns the pages. 

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