Saturday, January 15, 2011

Exercise Time

The Little Guy is 3 years and 3 months old
We are running into a problem with the Little Guy having too much energy.  Part of it is the amount of time being spent indoors due to cold weather and baby sister.  The other part is that he is in a time of testing his body.  He wants to climb, jump, balance... try anything I'll let him!
The curbs on the street make great balance beams.

The (fake) sledding hill in a local park is a great place.  It is free and fun.  Plus, the climbing up to the top starts to wear him out.

This time of learning about physical movement is so important.  I once had a boy in class who, at 4/5 years old, still had to get down on all fours to climb anything higher than a step.  He was a little big for his age and a bit awkward with his body.  It turned out that since he lived in a small apartment with a mom and older sister who were busy he spent most of his time at home, sitting around.  After a few months of "freedom" to run and play there was a huge improvement but I sometimes wonder if he will ever regain some of the physical dexterity that usually develops during the end of toddler years.

 If you're kid is driving you crazy with trying to make roller skates out of legos and skis from anything he can stand on, just remember that important learning is going on!

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