Friday, January 21, 2011

Eat At Our Place!

Whenever Daddy is particularly busy I try to compensate by doing things that are extra fun and extremely involved to help keep the kids minds busy.  Today we took a long walk after lunch to the baby store, grocery store and post office.  When we got home we took out all the cloth/felt food that we own and set up a shop.  The Little Guy had such a great time!
Most of these food items came from Ikea of the 100 yen shop.  They've been collected over the past few years.  I have also made a few items but found it tough to sew with a toddler around! 

The blue box is the one which stores all of the food/cooking items.  I try to limit all toy categories to 1 box each as we have very limited storage space. 
The yellow thing on the end is a little wagon which is holding the spice containers.  I put a little rice or beans in the empty containers so they make sound but won't spill.  This worked well until today when the little guy figured out how to open one!  I guess it is time to glue the lids on!
The boxes which the counter is made of are empty milk and juice cartons.  They've become some of the most used "toys" in our home!  On top of the boxes are some of the dishes which are set aside for the kids to use.
The chef is busy filling orders!
After about 10 minutes he went in search of the apron because it has pockets to hold the calculator and note pad for taking orders. 
Here you can see the stove.  It is a picture of one burner on our stove printed out and taped to one side of a milk carton box.  The pan is the one we used to use for camping.  It is light weight making it perfect for a kid's kitchen!

As you can see by the smile this is a real popular activity.  Before bed tonight the Little Guy asked if we can leave it set up so he can play with Daddy tomorrow.  I love that!


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Dad said...

Very cute, Heidi and Noah. It is fun to see what you are up to these days. Great job with the photos!

Love, Mom