Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Brain Quest

Do you know about the Brain Quest series of materials?

The Little Guy is hooked on the 2 sets that we have. The first one is "My First Brain Quest" for 2-3 year olds and recently we started working with "for threes" which is for 3-4 yr olds.
I love the sets of cards for traveling. They are great for taking on trains since the cards are hooked together and have enough variety to help the time pass quickly. You can find some of the Brain Quest products on Amazon.co.jp by clicking here.

I've been really surprised by how much the Little Guy already knows. Most of the 3-4 yr. old set is easy for him to understand. I love though that it helps me to identify areas where he has yet to learn vocabulary or concepts. For example, today one of the questions was looking for "lawn mower" as the answer. He thought and thought about what he saw in the picture and came up with "grass cutter". I guess we have a city boy! We don't have grass and I can only think of once or twice where we have seen someone mowing a lawn and even then it was in a park, from a distance.

I just noticed on the homepage that there are now write and erase sets. Maybe we'll get some of those next?
Brain Quest Write & Erase Set: Shapes & Colors

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