Tuesday, August 10, 2010

2 Weeks Old

The Little Lady has reached the two week mark. Here is what we know about her so far:

- She loves to sleep
- She loves to eat and then go back to sleep
- She spends 1-2 hours a day really awake and looking around
- She is a tummy sleeper. I know that isn't the safest so she can only sleep on her tummy when supervised but she seems so comfortable on her tummy / side.
- She loves heat and humidity. Perhaps a reminder of her previous lodgings?

This week we started doing Tummy Time. As far as I can tell she's excited about it. The Little Guy is also excited to have his sister to "play" with even if all she does is watch him run he trains on the track.
The Little Guy set up this space for tummy time. He felt she needed a pillow, gauze and a train within reach.
The view from the train tracks...

We were impressed by the Little Lady's head control. She can pick up and turn her head from side to side. She's also managed to scoot on her belly for a few inches. Beware, newborns aren't as immobile as we all assume! I think this one could scoot right off the couch if she had a mind to.

Please keep in mind that tummy time always needs to be carefully supervised! Especially with siblings around...

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