Thursday, August 19, 2010

Adventures in Language

Language Aquisition 言語獲得
These words have been on my mind a lot lately.

The Little Guy has been growing by leaps and bounds in so many different ways but one of the most noticeable is his "new" words and the way he uses "old" ones.

Here are a few (very random) examples:

He has figured out that したい (shitai) can be added to words to say you want to do something. The pronunciation though comes out as "shi-tai" instead of "shtai".
たべ したい (食べたい) A litteral translation to English would be "I want to do eating/food"

When a word is unknown in Japanese but the Little Guy thinks he knows it in another language (not always English here...) he tries to say it with katakana pronunciation. Funny thing is that about half the time saying it that way works for him! I still can't do that...

The end of the Alphabet song has changed from "next time won't you sing with me" to
"next time I will sing with you" The meaning is basically the same...

Counting in Spanish always misses 6 or 7. Counting in English goes in order till 5 and then jumps to 11, 12 and then turns into randon 'teens.

Malaho, Aloha and piko (thanks, hi/bye and belly button) are more fun to say in Hawaiian.

"That is mine's" (should be "that is mine") This grates on my nerves because I had a preschooler that took the whole year to break the habit of adding 's in strange places.

Recent lables for languages -

Mommy's words -> English
Daddy's word's -> Japanese
German -> German
Like Manny -> Spanish
Baby Signing Time or Signing Time -> ASL, American Sign Language
Like this (and then signs) -> JSL, Japanese Sign Language
Like Hawaiians, I want to go there with ____ (as in Spa Resort Hawaiians) - Hawaiian

I'm sure I'll think of more things and when I do I'll try to remember to post them.

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