Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Sunday Morning Music

Sundays have always had their own routine and rythm for me. As a kid it was the Crystal Cathederal's "Hour of Power" while eating breakfast before heading out to church. In college we listened to peppy praise songs while getting ready in the bathroom (my answer to coffee!). With the Little Guy it is the playlist on the computer.
I feel that part of making Sunday feel special and be special is making a routine that from the moment you wake up in the morning helps you to get into a mindset of worship. At our house my husband is usually busy doing his own thing from long before the rest of us wake up so it is up to me to get everyone and everything ready for church.

Rule #1 No TV
May seem strange but I don't even think to turn it on on Sunday mornings anymore. Usually we catch the morning news and weather as the day starts but not on Sundays.

Ok, so #1 is the only rule really but it does make a huge impact on the general mood of the day.
The music for the morning is a playlist that continues to evolve. The main albums that songs are curently pulled from are:
Bridges: Classic Hymns, Modern Worship

I also include the songs we've sang in Sunday School or favorite hymns from the church service. The Little Guy loves the Sunday Morning playlist since he knows all of the music. This past Sunday he had a half hour jam session while I was getting ready before we headed over the church.

Here are some of the songs on our Sunday Morning play list:
Silver and Gold Have I None
ラララ ジョイ ジョイ
What Wondrous Love
Fairest Lord Jesus
Thy Word
Refiner's Fire
I Believe In Jesus
Lord I Lift Your Name On High
King Of Kings
Shine, Jesus, Shine
Amazing Grace / Jesus Loves Me
Come Thou Fount
Dry Bones
Siyahamba - Kum Ba Yah

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