Saturday, July 3, 2010

KID-O-KID キドキド

There is a place near our house called KID-O-KID キドキド. Ok, so it isn't exactly near, it's near the next train station, but comparatively that is close!
Ball pit
Train set - with dress-up are in the background
A marble rolling build-it-yourself thingy area
Tubes that roll
Mr. Handy Manny wanna-be

As you can see, we had fun.
The enterance charge was a bit much for my liking but if you got the day pass it would be a nice place to go when the weather is bad or to celebrate something special. Might also work as a place to play when Daddy is out of town and the blues have settled over the house.

The other thing I like is that any age kid is welcome so siblings or cousins can play together. However, I bet this place is super crowded on holidays and weekends!!!

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