Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Lacing Cards

Thanks to a heat wave we've been spending more time indoors this week than normal. While the Little Guy can manage staying indoors his brain needs extra stimulation to make up for the lack of physical movement.
This is an activity that I was saving for after the baby is born but we needed something new at the end of yesterday so I brought it out a little early.
These cards came in a set with the lacing strings from Trend. I believe they are an older version of the current product that that Trend sells.
I love that the cards are strong cardboard. They won't bend unless mistreated. Also, the strings are plenty long and have ends like shoe laces to prevent fraying and make it easier for little hands to thread through holes.
The Little Guy surprised me when we first got them out by requesting a blue string to go with the red dog. When I asked why he pointed at the cover of the box. Keep in mind this is a new activity for him and he had only seen the box in passing. His memory for detail is becoming pretty impressive!
After "sewing" for a while he then strung together 3 of the animals, also like the cover on the box, and declared them to be a kite. Tonight he asked for the activity again after supper so he could show Daddy how to do the lacing.
I think we have discovered a new favorite activity!

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Marla said...

when Kai gets a little older I plan to make some of these for him. I saw a great idea on the internet. It said to find little wooden crafts and drill holes in them! I thought it was a great idea and I plan to keep my eye open at the 100yen store and other place for flat thin little wooden things. Even simple shapes like hearts and squares. who knows, I might just buy myself some wood and cut some out!