Monday, March 15, 2010

Homemade Toys

Kids don't need the biggest, coolest, newest toys. They are completely happy with simple, homemade ones.
Last week we got the following 3 things from a church memeber. I don't have patterns but if you're crafty I bet you could copy them!
The one on the left is a toilet paper roll painted brown, resting on a rubber band inside a milk carton. There is a string running from the cover down through the tube and out of the bottom of the box. When you pull the string the tube pops up.
In the middles is a cat? dog? drawn on a paper cup. The cup is cut so the bottom of the cup is the opening of the mouth. A string goes through the cup which you pull to make the mouth move.
On the right is a pinwheel. The blades are a strong paper, spinning around an unbent paper clip with a straw for the handle.
When the Little Guy opened his gift his joy over the new toys was just the same as with any other toys. Almost a week later they are still holding up surprisingly well!

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Homemade Toys said...

That's a great idea there. I always find that it is much cheaper and a lot more fun to make homemade toys rather than to spend a lot of money at the store. You can be much more creative and really make the toys more fun at home.